The 3rd Annual Corfu Emerald Cup is scheduled for June 15-16, 2019 and it comes with exciting new features. After a big boost in participation and spectator attendance in its 2nd year, the upcoming June Corfu Emerald Cup will be a new showcase SUP Euro Tour Grand Slam 12,000EUR event. In addition, the Corfu Emerald Cup Board is pleased to announce it has chosen the Greek Special Olympics Program, Corfu Chapter, as its charity for the event. Returning featured sponsors are Corona, Bic SUP and Reef.

The 2019 event is under the auspices of the SUP EURO Tour, the National SUP and Surf Association and the Nautical Athletic Club of Corfu (NAOK). As such, the Corfu Emerald Cup celebrates as an international competition in three separate race categories— Open Water Swim, Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) and Fun. The Kids Events will be followed by the Professional Events.

The 14,800M (SUP PRO), 3,500M (SUP FUN) and 3,500M (SWIM) races will begin at the Church of Vlacherna where competitors will charge into the crystalline waters of Pontikonisi and drive hard toward the finish line—the world famous oasis Beach of Benitses at the Angsana Corfu Hotel (a Banyan Tree Resort opening this coming summer, 2019)

For adult athletes, student athletes and spectators and fans who want to race and not just watch, the Corfu Emerald Cup is a rare jewel of competition and fun that could have no home other than the mythical island of Corfu.

Situated in the heart of the Ionian Sea, Corfu has been frequented and fantasized about since ancient times. Long sought after by the Venetians, French and the British, their historical influence is evident throughout the town’s architecture and landmarks. A UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, Corfu ranks amongst Europe’s most fascinating destinations. With its many fine restaurants, bars, spas, sports facilities, and world-class beaches—all exemplified in its new flagship resort, the Angsana Corfu Hotel—the Annual Corfu Emerald Cup embodies the trademark Hellenic combination of history, beauty, culture, sport, and fun.